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The 350-space parking deck could open in spring or summer 2018. The dotted line shows room for expansion years from now.
Courtesy: Museum of Life and Science Last year, attendance climbed to more than 500,000. "We've had these increasingly rising waves of visitation," Julie Rigby, the museum's vice president for external relations. "We've been thinking about this for a number of years." In November, Durham voters approved $14 million in bonds for improvements to the museum. The museum, a nonprofit, also receives ongoing public support from Durham County through a public/private partnership. The first $7 million will be spent on the parking deck, including moving the museum's facilities shop to another spot to make way for the deck. The remaining $7 million is dedicated to more classrooms, new indoor and outdoor exhibits, maintenance and other improvements. Plans for those are still in development. The new deck will sit adjacent to the parking lot that's across Murray Avenue from the museum's main campus.